Wall RBG-912 Blade Sharpener/Grinder. . Automatic HANDS FREE Operation - ½ H.P.-9"x1" Disc Wheel. For Replacement Disc Wheel use our 32-13221.** Introducing the new HANDS FREE RBG 912 Restore your old blades to a factory flat edge with ease. Simply lock your blade in the blade holder, set the timer, engage the blade, and walk away. Features: Grinds both standard and reverse rotation flat and high lift blades. Blade holder and slide control keep the operator’s hands safely away from grinding area. Significantly reduces average grinding time. Ground blade angle is operator independent. (Anybody can do it) Greatly reduces airborne dust by eliminating traditional grinding wheel. Remaining debris gathered into built-in grit collector. Specifications: Motor: 1/2 H.P., 1725 R.P.M., 110v Wheel: 9”x1”x5/8” 2-Sided Disc Wheel Sharpening Depth: 8” Dual Switch: Reversing Toggle & 5 Minute Timer
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